Copyright Policy

Procedure for Reporting Copyright Infringement.

Veesp, LLC, including Veesp, subsidiaries, affiliates, divisions, contractors, and all data sources and suppliers of LLC (collectively "Veesp", "we", "us" or "our") respond to intellectual property/copyright infringement complaints provided in accordance with the instructions below and the provisions of the specifically applicable local, state and national laws and regulations on trademarks, copyrights, patents or other intellectual property applicable laws depending on the jurisdiction where the Service was provided to the Client.

If you believe that material or content residing on or accessible through Veesp's websites or services infringes a copyright, please submit a complaint / claim / notification (hereinafter referred to as the complaint) copyright infringement containing the following information and documents.

Mandatory requirements for complaints about copyright infringement:

Those wishing to file a complaint should consider:

Consequences of sending a complaint:

We do not handle complaints:

After receiving your complaint with correctly filled out information and with all the documents listed above, your letter will be considered without fail and a response will be sent to the contact details specified in the letter.

Please send complaints to the designated address:


Tirgoņu ielā 17, LV-3401, Liepaja, Latvia

(Tirgonu Street 17, LV-3401, Liepaja, Latvia)

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