In the course of creation and design of the data center we used the huge volume of experience gained over more than ten years of successful operation as a telecom operator. Applied solutions and technologies conform to all modern requirements and standards that allows us to offer effective products for businesses of all sizes.

As the data center relates to the first category of electrical power supply it is connected to the two independent inputs of power - city substation and FG Wilson diesel power station. Eaton BladeUPS modular system provides uninterruptible power supply, the system works by N+1 scheme. For maintenance of the microclimate at the necessary level the complex consisting of air conditioning and humidifying systems is used: Lessar industrial split system, working by 2N scheme, and an adiabatic humidifier Munters Humimax HM3.

These technologies provide strictly specified microclimate parameters: temperature is 20 °C +/-2 °C, air humidity: 50% rH +/-10% rH, and power: 230/400 V, 50 Hz.

The network infrastructure is also constructed by 2N scheme. The continuous network access is provided by two third level switches Brocade MLXe in the core and two Juniper MX border border routers. The maximum throughput of the network core reaches 1.6 Tbit/sec and total capacitance of external channels is 180 Gbit/sec for now.

In addition to our main locations, thanks to our partners, we have other points of presence (PoS) present on the main traffic exchange points worldwide.

The data center is located in the protected area with the round-the-clock access monitoring. There is two-tier authentication system consisting of biometric and smart cards scanners in the building. Moreover, in all territory the video surveillance is conducted.

«Veesp» data center corresponds to the Tier II level by classification of Uptime Institute and is certified according to the ISO 27001 standard. Smooth operation of all hardware and technical complex is tracked 24/7/365 by qualified staff and experienced specialists.

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