One of the the most important elements of «Veesp» data center is network infrastructure. Built on the Brocade and Cisco equipment, it has more than 30 points of presence (PoP) worldwide* and its core throughput capacity reaches 1.6 Tbit/s.

The network core is built on two modular third level switches - Brocade BigIron RX-16. Using Brocade Multi-Chassis Trunk Technology (MCT), both switches work as a solid unit, which allows achieving an increased resiliency and bandwidth. The role of border routers is performed by a pair of Brocade MLXe-4, also connected with the help of MCT technology. Such architecture provides the level of network resources accessibility of at least 99.99%.

The IDS/IPS system is based on Suricata project which is running on several FreeBSD systems and allow us to detect and prevent invasions. For our most exacting customers we propose a solution from Palo Alto - the leading provider of network security products.

An integrated approach to data center design, qualified staff and modern equipment allow us to guarantee high quality services and provide perfect security for our clients against any possible malfunctions and failures.


Due to security reasons we block some ports and IP addresses/subnets.

Ports blocked: 19, 111, 1900.

We are blocking all connectivity to and from these IP addresses and IP subnets:


EU Finland EU Sweden EU Netherlands EU Germany USA NY USA LA
13 ms 14 ms 38 ms 48 ms 105 ms 170 ms

Our IP:

Test file (1000 MB)

ASN and uplinks

ASN: AS43317


Looking Glass:

Uplinks: Globalnet AS31500, ReTN AS9002, Rascom AS20764, TTK AS20485

IXs : SPB-IX AS43690, MSK-IX AS8631

* including our partners' uplinks: RETN, Rascom, GlobalNet, TTK.