Service Level Agreement

1. Agreement

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Veesp offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee via this Service Level Agreement based on network and host node availability. Collectively, these guarantees may be referred to as the "SLA." This SLA is provided as a supplement to the TOS You agreed to in becoming a Veesp customer, which is hereby incorporated by reference as an indispensable part of this SLA.

This uptime guarantee is applicable on a per-service-item basis and is not applied to Your entire invoice. For example, if You have fifty (50) servers with Us, and one (1) of those servers experiences downtime, any compensation due to You under this uptime guarantee would be proportional to that one (1) server's downtime and not Your entire account with Us. This uptime guarantee does not apply to the accessibility of Veesp's web property, DNS servers, API, or control panel.

Packet Loss and Latency

Veesp does not proactively monitor the packet loss or transmission latency of specific customers. Veesp does, however, proactively monitor the aggregate packet loss and transmission latency within its LAN and WAN. In the event that Veesp discovers (either from its own efforts or after being notified by You via our contact form or from your dashboard) that You are experiencing packet loss in excess of one percent (1%) ("Excess Packet Loss") between your instance and one hop from Veesp's border router(s) (first hop of egress providers router), Veesp will take all actions necessary to determine the source of the Excess Packet Loss/Latency.


The uptime guarantee ONLY applies to network and instance availability during normal operation. The uptime guarantee does NOT apply to server-side software uptime. Any outage due to server software, operating systems, improper configurations, denial of service attack against your instance, instance suspension, instance paused/halted for any reason, or any other non-network or non-"host node" outage, for any reason and whether or not such outage is caused by Veesp due to (Maintenance windows) upgrading, troubleshooting or performing any other tasks, is not subject to this uptime guarantee. The guarantee does NOT apply when a scheduled maintenance occurs with a minimum of seventy-four (72) hour notice or in the event a time critical patch/update must be applied as long as the outage/packetloss does not exceed ten (10) minutes.

Furthermore, none of the guarantees in this SLA may be combined. For example, a hardware outage that also disrupts network activity will not qualify You for two (2) separate compensations. If for example, a hardware outage was the basis for the connectivity loss, the entire event will count as one single outage for the purpose of determining applicable compensation.

2. Level of Service

2.1. Service agreed uptime:
100% uptime, 24/7 (round the clock, seven days a week) - agreed working time of the service (AWT).
2.2. Service availability:
Network availability (%) * 99.9%
Virtual infrastructure availability (%) * 99.9%
* Availability is the minimum allowable percentage of service availability per unit of consumption per a period of time. It is determined by the formula: ((AWT for the period of time minus idle time for the period) / AWT) * 100%. For example, for a total idle time of 3 hours per month, with the AWT = 24x7, the percentage of availability = (30 * 24 * 60 - 3 * 60) / (30 * 24 * 60) * 100% = 99.58%.
2.3. Service max. values:
Exceeding those values is considered as misuse of system resources, violation of TOS.
Max. total IOPS for data storage devices: Max. Bandwidth load: Max. CPU load: Max. simultaneous network connections (any connection state):
Virtual servers (VM) 400 IOPS for 6 hours in total during the last 24 hours.* 1Gbit/s Fair Use:

Max. available bandwidth at 50% average load for 6 hours in total during the last 24 hours.*
Any single core at 75% load for 6 hours in total during the last 24 hours.* 50 000*** connections
Dedicated Servers Unlimited 1Gbit/s Fair Use:

Max. available bandwidth at 50% average load for 6 hours in total during the last 24 hours.**
2Gbit/s - 10Gbit/s Unlimited:

Unlimited 100% load (24/7). Max. available bandwidth is determined by the selected plan.
Unlimited Unlimited

* This is a subject to a fair use policy, the provided servers are designed to meet the everyday personal and SMBs requirements . Meaning that we expect you not to abuse the allowed by SLA values by maintaining a constant high load (24/7) at all times on your server, whether by means of load balancers, other SW or third party actions. This might result in us limiting your server. For the high resource-consuming depended business please consider ordering a resource allocated server - Veesp dedicated servers.

** This is a subject to a fair use policy, the provided bandwidth is to meet the everyday personal and SMBs requirements. For the unlimited bandwidth please choose any 2 Gbit/s+ bandwidth plan.

***The outbound connection from VM servers to destination port 25 is permanently blocked. Please use transactional email services or SMTPS ports instead.

2.4. Service support:
Support division: Work hours: Function:
Level 1 support Calls: Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 18:00 (EET) Response to all incoming calls, solution of typical requests. *
Tickets: 24/7 (round the clock, seven days a week) Response to all incoming tickets, solution of typical requests. *
Average response time 30 minutes, maximum 24 hours. *
Level 2 support Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 18:00 (EET) Solution of non-typical requests. **
Average response time 180 minutes, maximum 72 hours. **

* In the event that the Customer fails to provide the information necessary in time for the request prior sent to support, or in the absence of the Customer's representatives (impossibility to contact any of them), if their participation is necessary for the fulfilment of the request, deviation from the target parameters of the service level is allowed.

** Non-typical requests: If the request is not typical and requires the involvement of a second-line support employee and, whereas, the request is not connected with the unavailability of the service or its significant degradation, then it is decided during Level 2 support work hours. While all typical requests received by ticket are solved by employees of the first line support during Level 1 support work hours.

To solve non-typical requests received by ticket or a call during Level 1 support work hours and related to unavailability or significant degradation of the service, employees of the second line support are also involved in the time interval not falling under the criterion of Level 2 support work hours.

2.5. Service maintenance windows:
Scheduled If necessary, with a notification at least 72 hours in advance
Critical If necessary, with a notification at least 2 hours in advance
2.6. Service outage (OT)* and compensation:
Availability of service per month (OT) per month Compensation amount (%)
Up to 99.9% Up to 1 hour None
Lower than 99.9% More than 1 hour 100% of the monthly cost of the service
* (OT) - is the amount of downtime for a period, excluding time periods caused by:
  • % Scheduled maintenance windows.
  • Inoperability of communication channels and equipment that are beyond the responsibility Veesp.
  • Applications or components of the Client not controlled by Veesp, which resulted in the impossibility of providing the Service.
  • Negative activity of the Client, his employees, partners, customers, etc., which led to a negative impact on the components of the Service (denial of service attack, spam, spoofing, violation of the rules for using the Service, etc.).
  • Other uncontrolled events classified as force majeure.

3. How To Obtain Your Compensation

In order to receive any compensation offered under this SLA, You must initiate a support ticket related to the event AND expressly request that We issue a compensation. DO NOT ASSUME THAT WE ARE AWARE OF YOUR OUTAGE. Your outage may be wholly unrelated to Veesp's services, so unless You contact Us via a support ticket, We may not be aware any problem exists. Outages related to hardware or other services or events not under Veesp's control are not eligible for any guarantee or compensation offered under this SLA.

You may initiate such support ticket via our contact form or from your dashboard. Whichever method You choose, You MUST obtain a Veesp ticket number as proof that you initiated a support ticket related to the outage, and the support ticket MUST ask for a compensation related to the outage. As stated herein, the timestamp on the support ticket will mark the beginning of an outage should Veesp determine that an eligible outage occurred. If Veesp was aware of the issue before You were, Veesp may notify You of the outage. In such instance, You must still initiate a support ticket to confirm that You are aware of the outage, and such support ticket must still also request a compensation. To be clear, You must have a support ticket number in order to receive any compensation under this SLA.

You agree and acknowledge that all other terms, limitations, exclusions, disclaimers and requirements contained in Veesp's TOS apply to this SLA.


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Veesp SLA last updated: 11 June 2024

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