Automatic Payments Terms



Description of the Automatic payment

The Automatic payment allows the Client to pay for any Data Center Services, by means of the automatic transfer of funds by the issuing Bank through an acquiring Bank in favor of the Data Center from the Bank cards without their physical use.

By choosing the Automatic payment option, the Client agrees to Terms of service, information about which is available on the website The Automatic payment is activated only for a bank card registered and activated by the Cardholder.

Automatic debit is made if the Client’s personal account does not have enough money to extend the services. Periodic write-offs will be made automatically while the Client uses the services of the Data Center, if at the same time he has not refused the Automatic payment or it has not been automatically canceled in accordance with these Terms of service.

Automatic debit is made 3 days before the expiration date of the service or service. In case of failure, a retry will be carried out daily until the services are disconnected.

The Customer’s fulfillment of the actions specified in paragraph "Activation" of these Terms of service are expressing the Customer’s consent to activate the Automatic payment, means the Customer’s consent:

Activation and deactivation of the Automatic payment or Subscription



To disable the Automatic payment manually and cancel the subscription the Client has to:


The client has the right at any time to disable the Automatic payment by following the steps to disable it in his client area.

At the same time, services paid earlier will continue to be valid for the entire period paid by the Client in accordance with these Terms of service.


Activation of the Automatic payment in the manner provided for by these Terms of service is carried out only if there is technical capability on the part of the Data Center, the Issuing Bank, and the Acquiring Bank.

In case of loss / replacement of a Bank card by the Client, he is obliged to immediately take actions to disable the automatic payment service / make changes to it in order to exclude details of a lost payment bank card and / or indicate the details of a new card.

The Data Center has the right to amend these Terms of service for the use of the service by notifying the Client in advance in any accessible way, including by sending an e-mail or posting information on the Data Center's Website.

If, after the changes have entered into force, the Customer within 3 (three) calendar days from the date of their publication did not disable Automatic payment, and also continued to use and / or pay for the Service provided by the Data Center under the new conditions, such changes are considered accepted by the Client.

The Data Center has the right to unilaterally terminate this Offer by notifying the Client in advance in any accessible way, including by sending a message to client area or by e-mail, or by posting information on the Data Center Website in case Changes of the Acquiring Bank providing the automatic payment service.


The Data Center does not guarantee a 100% possibility of making automatic payment, limiting its responsibility to monitoring the functioning of its own systems and services.

If there is no money on the card indicated by the Client - make a second attempt to complete the transaction.

The Data Center is not liable if, after debiting funds from the Holder’s card, the automatic payment service did not leave enough money on the card for other debits. The cardholder must follow this on his own.

Disputes of the parties arising in connection with the fulfillment of these Terms of service are resolved in the course of mutual consultations and negotiations.

If the Parties fail to reach mutual agreement, disputes between them shall be resolved in accordance with the main Terms of Service.

The data center has the right to make changes to these Terms of service by any accessible way, including by sending a message to client area or by e-mail, or by posting information on the Data Center Website.


The rights and obligations of the Client and the Data Center arising from these Terms of service cannot be transferred to third parties without the written consent of the other party.

Performing actions to activate the automatic payment service, the Client confirms its acceptance of these Terms of service offer and the main Terms of Service. Use of the “automatic payment” service means unconditional consent by the Client with the provisions of these Terms of service.

The Client unconditionally agrees with these Terms of service for the use of the Service by performing concludent actions to connect the automatic payment Service (recurring payment) at the time of acceptance by the Customer of these Terms of service to use the Service and taking actions to activate the Automatic Payment Service.


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