Dedicated network equipment

Having your services online, accessible and fully functional is essential, therefore we provide following solutions, all based on high-quality and tested hardware, such as Load Balancers, Dedicated Switches and Firewalls which will carry the routine of managing and protecting your network, monitoring and optimizing your network traffic load for the services you run to work more efficiently and stable. Our network solutions will allow you to devote your time and energy to the areas of your interest, while rest assured of your online project or business being fully functional.

Dedicated Switches

Dedicated Switches provide room for your local network setup with integrated security, including Network Admission Control (NAC), advanced quality of service (QoS), and resiliency to deliver intelligent services for the network edge, allowing you take control of your network traffic such as monitoring, segmentation and bandwidth control.

Solution Port Density and Type and Uplinks Throughput Price, USD/mo
Cisco 2960S 48 x 1GbE and 2 x 10GbE 101.2 mpps 50 Order Now
Cisco 4948E 48 x 1GbE and 4 x 10GbE 131 mpps for IPv4
110 mpps for IPv6
50 Order Now
Arista 7050S 48x1/10GbE and 4x40GbE 960 Mpps 150 Order Now

Network Interface Card *

Interface Model Price, USD/mo
10Gbit Intel x520-DA2 20 Order Now
40Gbit Chelsio T5 or Intel XL710 100 Order Now

* requires a dedicated switch already installed in the rack (1 unit capacity)

Dedicated Firewalls

Dedicated Firewall provides comprehensive next-generation firewall protection that exposes hidden risks, blocks unknown threats, and automatically responds to incidents, establishing a barrier filter between your network and external networks.

Solution Throughput Price, USD/mo
Sophos XG115 «= 100 Mbps 250 Order Now
Sophos XG210 100Mbps - 1Gbit 450 Order Now
Sophos XG310 1Gbit - 5Gbit 700 Order Now
Palo Alto PA-500 «= 100 Mbps 900 Order Now

Dedicated Load Balancers

Distributes client requests or network load efficiently across multiple servers. Ensures high availability and reliability by sending requests only to servers that are online. Provides the flexibility to add or subtract servers as demand dictates.

Software Solution on our own Hardware (dedicated servers) (HAproxy/LVS)

Throughput Dedicated Server Model Price, USD/mo
100Mbit - 1Gbit Xeon CPU, 32GB RAM, HAproxy/LVS 250 Order Now
1Gbit - 5Gbit Xeon CPU, 64GB RAM, HAproxy/LVS 500 Order Now

Hardware Solution - A10 Thunder

Throughput Model L7 CPS SSL CPS RSA 2k DDoS SYN flood protection Price, USD/mo
100Mbit - 1Gbit A10 Thunder 840 50k 500 1.7 mln 630 Order Now
1Gbit - 5Gbit A10 Thunder 1030S 150k 7k 4 mln 950 Order Now
5Gbit - 10Gbit A10 Thunder 3030S 250k 14k 7.5 mln 1300 Order Now
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