Dedicated Servers

Powerful dedicated servers deliver high performance, reliability and security of your data

Medium 32

Intel Xeon L5630 x28c/16t 2.13/2.4Ghz32GB DDR32TB SAS
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Medium 64

Intel Xeon L5630 x28c/16t 2.13/2.4Ghz64GB DDR32TB SAS x2 + RAID
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Heavy 64

Intel Xeon L5640 x212c/24t 2.2/2.8Ghz64GB DDR32TB SAS x2 + RAID
Sold Out

Heavy 128

Intel Xeon L5640 x212c/24t 2.2/2.8Ghz128GB DDR32TB SAS x4 + RAID
Sold Out

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Speed Matters

All dedicated servers can be optionally configured with SSD storage with no extra charge. Just choose your plan and see available options in the configurator.

All Plans Include

  • 200 Mbps Without Traffic Limit
  • Network Speed Up To 10 Gbps
  • Load Balancer/Firewall On Demand
  • Two IPv4 Addresses
  • IPv6 /56 - /48 On Demand
  • Free IP-KVM
  • DNS-Parking
  • Reverse DNS Support
  • PVLAN For Multiple Servers

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Your Questions Answered

What is the speed of your Internet connection and what are the traffic limits?
By default, each server has a connection to 200 Mbps port without any traffic limits with the opportunity to increase the capacity up to 10 Gbps.
Can I install an operating system on a server by myself?
Yes, every server is supplied with IP-KVM that allows you to remotely install any operating system.
Is it possible to organize an internal network between servers?
Yes, if you rent 2 or more servers, we can organize an internal network for free.
Is it possible to install a load balancer and an external firewall?
Upon request we can offer a solution for balancing and filtering traffic from leading vendors: Brocade, Palo Alto, F5, Juniper.
How many IP addresses are provided with a dedicated server and how much do additional addresses cost?
We provide 2 IPv4 addresses for every server and each additional one is for $2. Also IPv6 /64 subnet is provided for every server with the opportunity to issue a personal subnet from /56 to /48.
How long does it take to install a dedicated server?
Dedicated server is provided to a customer in 4 working days after payment is recieved.

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